Harris Writing Services, LLC


Offers several solutions which support our belief that, "Life is too short not to enjoy what you do for a living". We take pride in offering affordable services which equip our clients with the tools they need to land their dream opportunities and run their small businesses.

How can we help you?


Our Services

We provide services that support the employment process, and for anyone that has searched for a job recently... oh what a process THAT can be!

You may just be seeking a professional review of your current resume or want to brush up on your interview skills. You may also be a new job creator and wondering how you can hire the right candidate or how you can create a solid foundation without a dedicated HR presence.

No matter who you are there is something for everyone. We are here to collaborate & support you as you work to achieve your career goals!

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Our commitment to you

To provide all clients with a high quality level of customer service they expect from one-on-one consulting. While we know you can't please everyone we sure want to try! In the world of every person for themselves we are committed to encouraging your career growth and development by sharing best practices with your goals in mind.

Sometimes you just need a personal cheerleader, and while we don't wear the awesome outfits we are committed to being just that. We want to see you WIN!