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We strive to provide the best in class customer service, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our clients are saying about us, and why they chose to collaborate with Harris Writing Services for their specific needs.

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Arlene was extremely helpful with brushing up my resume and getting me on the right track to apply for jobs after college. She gave me beneficial feedback on my wording and format that I believe helped elevate the credibility of my experience noted in my resume. I am glad I got the chance to have her review and correct my resume; it was more than rewarding in the end.

Thank you so much for your insight on my resume. I never knew about some of the points that you made. The corrections you made are amazing! It looks clear and I feel that I can land a job with it easily.
I was transitioning out of the military and having a combat MOS made it hard to find a job as a civilian. When I reached out to Harris Writing Services, LLC I was hoping they could help me out. They made it a very simple and easy process, and within the first three months after receiving my resume I started to receive calls from potential employers because they saw my resume online. Harris Writing Services really helped me out and helped me to be able to provide for my family. I now have a job as a investigator for one of the biggest Luxury retail companies in the world!
Arlene was very proficient in writing my resume for me and giving me helpful tips on job interview responses. She also helped me with my salary negotiations when I was offered my job. She was very professional and easy to speak with.
Harris Writing Services has taught me how a resume should look even with all my questions. Coming from high school was a bit confusing considering one of the things we don’t learn in the four years, unless you take a special classes is life skills, as simple as a resume. Harris Writing Service taught me what a resume should look like, how to prepare for an interview from what questions might be asked to how far into detail you should go. Because of Harris Writing Service I’ve had some pretty great jobs from real estate Keller Williams and Megatel Homes Assistants to property managers and so on. It’s not easy graduating and finding a great paying job that will take a chance on you but I can honestly say Harris Writing Service was the best decision I’ve ever made because my work ethic speaks for itself but THIS service was the foot in the door to everlasting experience, security and great opportunities! Thank You So Much for all you do!
Arlene assisted us in an advisory position when we were beginning our business. She greatly added to our foundation by creating an employee handbook, recruitment of personnel, screening and countless other things HR Related. We are so excited for the launching of this much needed business! I am personally proud of her for pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams & passions to help others meet their goals and ambitions !
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I highly recommend Harris Writing Services to anyone that is looking to update their resume and increase their chances of landing a job interview. Arlene was very responsive and her attention to detail really shows in her work, she truly wants to help you land that job.
Once I applied and sent the resume that you created for me for a job in transportation to them, and within 3 days I received an email for a job interview. I have met with the VP of transportation and the HR division manager, and already have received the offer sheet, and they are already working on my background check. Thank you so very much for all of your help, I could not have done it without you.