Why Are You So Nervous To Interview?

Someone along the way has probably asked you, why are you nervous to interview. It seems like a question where you instantly think well….isn’t it obvious I want the job. But have you ever took a step back to think about if that’s the only reason? Well, today we provide some things you can do to help ease those nerves!

#1 - Practice Interview Questions

Like anyone preparing for something important, practicing is important. For those that didn’t know we at Harris Writing Services, LLC provide interview skills coaching calls (not so shameless plug). It is through this service that we help our clients practice basic behavioral interview questions so that they can feel more comfortable in preparing concise statements that not only answer the question but show that they have prepared for the interview they agreed to have.

The more you practice standard interview questions (of course you can’t prepare for any and everything that may be asked) the more you will find a sense of calm that you have the verbal tools to answer anything that may come up.

#2 - Research The Company

Many people don’t take the time to research the company. They’ve fallen in love with the job posting advertisement and they don’t care to know any more. This is almost always a mistake, sure you want to know what you will be responsible for but you also want to make sure you are working for a company that doesn’t have a toxic culture, that has the same value system that you do.

You can find this information by reading everything available in the “About Us” areas of the company, reading about who the leadership is (owner, executives, and others), reading any benefit provided information, reading reviews about the company on Glassdoor.com, Indeed.com, and other review platforms you can find. Always be careful with reading reviews, most negative reviews are coming from upset people and you never know why they are upset, to begin with. If anything you should use that information to form your questions you will have for the potential employer.

The worst thing you can do is say “I didn’t read anything, I didn’t want to create any misinformed opinions about your company and preferred you to tell me about the organization”. While that sounds cute in theory you look lazy and unwilling to do your due diligence. No one wants to hire a sheep that has no interest in forming an opinion of their own, or someone that isn’t proactive that just waits to be told, someone. Do yourself a favor and beat the competition by simply knowing something about the employer, we promise it will go a long way!

#3 - Read Over The Job Posting Again

We get it, you are throwing darts at everything you see that you want to apply for. And you don't remember one word that was in the job posting. This is another huge mistake, just like you have an ego the employer has one, and they want to know that they are your top choice, so act like it! If it helps copy and paste the job posting information and save it somewhere, or email it to yourself that way if you are eventually called for an interview and the job is no longer posted you aren’t at a complete disadvantage.

Refresh your memory on the position, and prepare talking points on how you align with what they’ve posted/stated they are looking for. This helps paint a clear picture to the hiring professional that you are that top candidate they’ve been looking for. The key is not to be cookie-cutter about it, of course they know the buzzwords they used in the posting, so find a way to translate that into your own words and why you believe you are best suited for their needs.

We know it might be impossible not to have any nerves what so ever and honestly it’s good to have some adrenaline going because that means it’s important to you. So do yourself a favor and decrease those nerves by preparing yourself, you won’t be interviewing with a robot they are a person just like you and have a goal in mind and that’s to get to know you to determine a fit. So think about that, prepare for possible standard questions, be on time, thank the person after your interview, and just be your best professional self, the rest is out of your control.