What steps are there in a recruitment process?

For simplicity sake you can pretty much break down the recruitment process in 4 areas:

  1. Requisition Creation & Posting the job vacancies online

  2. Receiving applications

  3. Screening applications & Scheduling Interviews

  4. Extending an offer of employment and hopefully having that top candidate accept and join your organization

I will be breaking down each step in a high level since there can always be more to the process based on what the company has established for themselves, the industry they operate within, and level of the role.

Requisition Creation & Posting

There may be many reasons as to why a position is available...maybe someone resigned for another job, maybe someone is retiring, perhaps someone was promoted to another position, someone was fired, or there's an increased work volume and management needs to add to their current staff, or things have changed within an organization so much that they now feel like a new role needs to be created to handle specific duties.

Typically management will submit a requisition or a formal request to have a position posted to a human resources representative or whoever is in charge of that duty. A job description will be reviewed, compensation reviewed and assigned (yes, that's why they want to know your salary requirements), creation of interview questions, and a strategy will be reviewed on when/where the role should be posted, and reviewing if there are any assessments that are needed to be completed during the application process.

The position is then posted and made available to receive applications.

Receiving applications

If you read our May blog than your already well versed in all things Application Tracking Systems and what they do. So we will keep it short.

Depending on the process of the company they may post the position for a predetermined amount of time. Let's say 10 days, and then once that position is no longer available that's when all applications are reviewed. Or some may review applications as they come in, this is something that can be frustrating for "late" applicants. Meaning a position was posted over 20 days ago and you're just now applying and then you get an email saying the position was filled. Well, this is typically because they were screening as applications came in and interviewing so other candidates were further along in the process and the managers made their decision. Not many people have an unlimited amount of time to hope and pray that, their 1 awesome candidate will submit their application, so they have to operate business as normal and make the best decision with the applicants that have applied. Not that they settle because Managers know what they are looking for but when they find that ideal candidate things tend to move quickly so they don't lose out on them to another employer.

Screening Applications & Scheduling Interviews

Pretty self-explanatory, someone whether it's a recruiter, hiring manager, or some other person assigned the task is reviewing all the applications that come in based on a variety of things. Salary expectations/requirements, commute, minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications, you name it. Depending on the size of the applicant pool sometimes it can get pretty picky and choosy. Which of course can be frustrated to an applicant because in their mind they think, well I had all the minimum qualifications why wasn't I interviewed. Just take a moment to think about all the other people that may have applied, chances are they were qualified as well, other changes are maybe they had some of the preferred or ideal things the manager is looking for. If that's the case then those will be the first rounders so we sometimes say. As long as you understand there is competition for every role and not every qualified applicant can be interviewed it makes things a little easier to digest. And guess what...there are many other employers hiring too, so try not to put all your eggs in one basket. Remember do what you can to improve your odds, and try not to get emotionally attached.

The next part is completing any assessments and scheduling an interview. Some people have electronic assessments that are sent to you via email. It could be a workplace behavioral questionnaire, testing over typing skills, answering basic customer service questions, a pre-screen video one-way interview, you name it. The good thing is your one step closer to that coveted face to face interview where the hiring manager and other staff members take time out of their day to learn more about you. The interview is not only your time to shine, but it serves as a conversation. Not only is the employer trying to figure out if you will be the best fit, but you should also be trying to figure out if the job is truly something you're interested in. Sometimes people forget that interviews are a two-way street because of nerves, but try not to let that get the best of you. And of course, if you need help with interview skills, Harris Writing Services, LLC is at your service for that too!

Extending an offer of employment

The day you've been hoping for has finally come! You are extended a contingent employment offer, contingent meaning you will be able to start provided you pass all pre-employment checks. Those can include a criminal background check, credit check (depending on the job), employment verification, drug screens, and other checks related to your position and the requirements for the role and company liability. Once you've passed all those checks with flying colors you typically are assigned a hire date and as they say, the rest is history!