What does Harris Writing Services, LLC do?

Harris Writing Services, LLC was created with one belief in mind, "Life is too short not to enjoy what you do for a living". 

Let's face it, we all have to do something to pay the bills, to take care of ourselves and families. And until you are in a place where you can own/run your own business (if that's something you are interested in) you will have to work for someone or something at some point in time. So why should that be a horrible experience, outside of being able to handle your own financial responsibilities you should be proud or at least enjoy what you do to pay the bills. 

Finding employment can be difficult, it can be difficult for a hiring manager who just lost their best employee to a competitor, or someone feeling like they need a change of pace as they have become stagnant in their career, and to that recruiter who is trying desperately to help a manager find the right fit based on what management has stated they are looking for....and they need to find them like, yesterday. 

Many people think that finding a job should be as easy as, hey I meet those qualifications why aren't you making an offer to me. Many applicants don't even think about the other people with similar work experiences that are also applying for the same position. There is 1 job for 1 person, so the better question is what are you doing to stand out amongst the other applicants? Are you following up in any way after you submit your online application or are you just expected the potential employer to do it?

Technology has made it so easy for people to apply for positions online, to allow managers and human resource professionals to screen those applications online many applicants simply just roll the dice applying for any and everything under the sun. Whoever has the easiest application process is who you are applying to right? Anyone that is thinking like that shouldn't be surprised when they aren't contacted for an interview. 

There are lots of things you can't control during the job search process, and Harris Writing Services, LLC wants to help people who are ready to take control over their careers to handle the things they can control so there's less frustration with the recruitment process. Whether its a new resume to make sure you are highlighting the right information, or coaching on interview questions to work out some of the oh so present nerves when it comes to interviewing for your dream role we are here for you. 

The old saying is true, find something you love to do and you will never work again in your life. So why not do what you can on your end to have the best outcome possible to get to that point. That's what Harris Writing Services, LLC is here to do, we want to debunk the myths, reveal truths about the recruitment process so you have better aligned expectations and ultimately get to where you want to be, wherever that is for you.