What does a Benefits department do?

Benefits Departments are responsible for administering your company sponsored benefit plans. Whether that be ensuring your information is successfully entered into your insurance providers database, to explaining to you all the ins and outs of your plan options.

Outside of the administration of plans many benefit departments are now taking on wellness activities. Making sure that not only are there fun options available for employees to encourage them to be healthy but it also helps out the company overall when it’s time for the annual negotiations with insurance providers. Outside of circumstances an employer may not be able to control (insurance companies jacking up their prices), an employer can help provide ways to encourage their employees to be healthy which results in less hospital visits and claims to the insurance provider. When those things go down, it helps a great deal when they are negotiation new rates for the following year to prepare for your open enrollment window.

In the business of supply and demand…the more demand there is for healthcare the more insurance companies profit. So do yourself and your pocketbook a favor invest in yourself and your health!