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Growing up my mother would read bedtime stories to me every night, but it wasn't long before I was the one reading her stories and eventually writing my own. As my family members would read these stories, I discovered I had a way with words. When my younger sister was born I made it my personal responsibility to teach her everything I knew. Yes, I was the kid that made their sibling the "student" while I played "teacher". Needless to say the desire to learn and share knowledge started long ago. 

I have always enjoyed the art of storytelling. Whether I am writing about my personal journey or listening to the journeys of others, I have found a sense of pride in helping people express their own story through written word. 

I received a degree in Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio and through some unexpected life events, I found myself working in business, more specifically Human Resources. It wasn't until I began working in HR that I felt a true sense of purpose. When I started, it was more about proving to my employees that not all HR professionals are "uncaring" or "cold". Now, after many years in the field, my focus is on helping employees and job seekers find opportunities they desire and offering guidance as they navigate through the obstacles that may come up along the way. 

As an active Recruiter in the field, I have a unique perspective on the current employment climate which my clients appreciate. While this business venture is currently a part time role for me, I felt a sense of duty to create an online platform where I can reach as many people as possible to be that career path cheerleader. I know that I personally would have loved that extra bit of support during the time I wasn't sure what my next move would be. 

We all have a story to tell and I thank you for considering Harris Writing Services as a collaborative partner for your professional voice. 

To learn more about my professional background, you can review my personal LinkedIn page and feel free to follow Harris Writing Services (@harriswservices or #harriswservices) on our social media accounts to stay up to date!

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